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Furnace Installation & Replacement in Massachusetts

Sometimes a repair is not sufficient to fix your furnace. A new furnace is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to go. We will always be honest with you about a possible Furnace Replacement and Furnace Installation. We value our time and your money––we don’t want to perform repairs or service on an appliance that is in need of replacement.

If you do need a furnace replacement, we know how overwhelming it can be. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about furnaces that we get from some of our MA residents:

What Are The Different Types Of Furnaces?

Single Stage: A single-stage furnace has only one stage of operation. It can either be turned on or turned off.

Two-Stage: A two-stage furnace has two settings––full and half speed. This is a more efficient way to heat and provides for better comfort because it can move the air at a slower pace.

Variable Stage or Modulating: A variable-stage or modulating furnace modulates the speed and heat output based on the temperature outside and the desired comfort level. This furnace only works as much as you need it, making this type the most energy-efficient type of furnace.

What Is AFUE?

AFUE, or Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency, is a measure of furnace heating efficiency. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace.

What Size Furnace Do I Need?

We can calculate the correct size furnace for your home. The number of BTUs, or British Thermal Units, needed to heat your home is dependent on a number of variables. Contrary to what you might think, a bigger furnace may not necessarily mean more heating power for your home. Call us at Competitive Plumbing and HVAC we can set up an appointment to calculate the furnace size you might need.

Furnace Installation, Repair & Maintenance

When your home’s furnace stops working, your home can have more difficulties than just being uncomfortable. Each moment that your heater is off also places your pipes at the risk of freezing. When pipes freeze, they can break and cause significant damage to your home. We’ll find the Furnace Installation & Furnace Replacement solutions you need to keep you and your family comfortable and your home safe.

Schedule Furnace Installation & Replacement in Massachusetts

One of the best ways to make sure that your Furnace system stays to work well is to have it always maintained. You can arrange for this service with a call to Competitive Plumbing and HVAC. We’re available for all your Furnace Installation & Furnace replacement service needs in Massachusetts.

Please contact us now, and let us make a real difference to your business.